Jiamin Cao

PhD Student at Tsinghua University


About Me

I'm Jiamin, a fourth year PhD student at Institude for Network Sciences and Cyberspace (INSC), Tsinghua University, advised by Prof. Ying Liu. Previously, I received my Bachelor's degree from the Department of Electronic Engineering (EE), Tsinghua University.

My research focuses on utilizing programmable network devices to improve network performance. 💫


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[ATC 2022] Firebolt: Finding Bugs in Programmable Data Plane Generators

Firebolt is a blackbox testing tool designed to dig out faults in DP program generators, including security vulnerabilities, intent violations, and generator crash.

[Paper] [Slides]

[ICNP 2020] TurboNet: Faithfully Emulating Networks with Programmable Switches

TurboNet is a a new network emulator that utilizes one or more programmable switches to achieve faithful emulation of the network data plane and control plane.

[Paper] [Slides]

[ICCCN 2019, Best Paper] CoFilter: A High-Performance Switch-Accelerated Stateful Packet Filter for Bare-Metal Servers

CoFilter employs cheap programmable switches to accelerate the stateful packet filter for bare-metal servers.

[Paper] [Slides]

Awards & Honors

  • [2019] China National Scholarship
  • [2017] Tsinghua Posco Scholarship
  • [2015] First place in the 16th Programming Contest in Tsinghua University


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